Monday, November 11, 2013

Decision to make a change

After a lack luster posting block it occurred to me that I didn't want to define myself as just being formerly fat so I started a new clean and shiny blog.  Come on over to the dark side otherwise known as 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Houston We Have A Problem...( Part Deux)

Close on the heals of my Mental Challenge for everyone I have once again been reminded why I love to oh my the giggling was plentiful.

Current Time 5:45

It all started as I was getting ready to close up Red Rock Running Company when I received a phone call inquiring when we closed because he just needed to pop in to pick up a pair of shoes.  I let the caller know that we closed at 6..  He sighed and said well ok, I guess I'll try to get over there next year sometime.   Now if you know me you know the Good and the Bad Sam were actively chirping on each shoulder. Good Sam, do it....offer to wait he says he'll be right there, be a nice person its the Holiday season. Bad Sam, don't do're hungry and want to go home and chow.  Hmmmm....tricky tricky.   As you may have guessed the Angel won out and I said I would wait.
Keeping in mind he assured me he would be to store within 10 mins.  I felt like I had made both professionally for my boss and personally for my karma, the correct decision.
 *tick tock tick tock tick tock* 

Current Time: 6:07

As I dusted and vacuum the store WAITING for my customer the familiar chiming of the 'ol telephone rings thru my brain. Technically we're closed, so do I answer or not.....well I'm here so I should.  "Hi Red Rock Running Company, this is Sam".  The other end of the phone starts to talk professing to be so sorry traffic is bad, I promise I'm on the way but maybe I should just try to come another time.   Bad & Good Sam hop back up to their birds eye view of the event.   Bad Sam, Say yes..he should come another time.  Good Sam,  ask where he is....*GS asks the question*  WTH??  15 & Sahara , that's forever away at this time day.  Sigh....Ok, Mr X I'm already here waiting...get here as fast as you can .

Current Time : 6:40

Bad Sam sits smirking on my shoulder as the Good Sam is TRYING really hard not to kick herself in the ass.   I walk the vacuum to the back , when I here a knock knock knock on my locked glass door.  Walking over I see the man & 2 kids. Game On!
Now before you lecture me I did get his name, phone and DL number as he was driving in & wrote it down on a post it note next to register just in case I ended up going missing.

Current Time: 6:46 

He comes is store and I inquire as to what shoes he was wanting to pick up.    Yep wait for it............
His shoes are 3-4 yrs old, he's not sure he likes the color of the shoe I have and.....he does in fact need to have a gait analysis. Yup...Bad Sam needs O2 she's heckling me so badly  So as he gets all signed in,  I plugged everything in again and we start the party. After some video taping, some conversation and some Star Wars re-enacting with "The Sticks" by the two kids a decision is made.  As we talk about the shoes he was purchasing Mr X stops, looks around like a bloodhound on the hunt sniffs the air..and then turns to his son.  ( Oh boy this can't be good....Good Sam whispers in my ear )

Verbal instruction follow & the little boy walks to restroom.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  As Mr X & I close up our transaction I walk the "loser shoes" in the back to restock I notice the bathroom door open .  Hmmm.....I thought the little boy was going to the restroom? *DANGER DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON*  Against my better judgement I walk towards restroom  only to find the  little boy sittin on the pot just "hanging" out.  WTH....ok DDDAAAADDDDDDD, uhhhh I think he might be needing some help.   As a dutiful Dad he acknowledges my request and then ignores it immediately to look at some of the visors.    Ok Good Sam....MUST THINK IN RUSSIAN...MUST THINK IN RUSSIAN .... Bob &Weave, Bob & Weave. With my cat like brain reflexes I decide the best way to defuse the situation is to taunt & tease Mr X into buying the orange Lock Laces to match his shoes. work!  ( actually if he didn't buy them I was going to purchase them at the end of my shift)

*insert toilet flush sound* HALLELUJAH  

Current Time:  O '7:30-- I'm going to eat my arm off and go stark raving mad if there are any "presents" left for me in the bathroom.

Long story short....No presents, a proper shoe was purchased and a customer left happy.   ME???? What about the Good & Bad Sam. I left the store happy, laughing and was even feeling so good that the Bad Sam convinced me to drivers seat dance ( yes I have my chair dancing license ) while simultaneously singing karaoke to Justin Beiber & The Wanted.   YUP....I'm that good!!!

Here's to hoping your day was as great as mine!!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Mental Challenge

Now before you start to fret, you wont need much except your brain and either a really good memory, a notepad & pen/pencil, or a notes app/program.

In case you are wondering the basis of this challenge blossomed from:

1. My active brain.  ( yes be afraid )
2. My day to day mental cat and mouse with questions to my past 6 months of virtually constant surgeries.  Did they work, was that just a pain, that a new pain, wait......yup, that's a new pain, will I be able to train again, will I finally get my "groove" back, will I have to have more surgery, am I just "broken"....etc etc.
And lastly..........
3. The time of the year, during this season it always seems like people are more stressed out,more unhappy and more distracted but for what?  To buy an iPad, a new sweater, or maybe a new bike.  Hmmmm...those are just things!!!!

Ok, so now you know the we go.

The Mental Challenge I pose to all of you is as follows:

For one week, day by day keep track of things that make you smile, make you laugh, make you find your happy place, make your heart happy, give you bliss.  Keeping in mind that you don't have to share with anyone it can be G rated or XXX rated, you will be the only person seeing the list or hearing the list everyday.  ( but please no public over shares ;p )

Compile your list throughout the day and then at the end of the day or the beginning of the next day REVIEW "said" list and LOOK at all the good things that are either on the list or maybe they aren't there.  With this information, tackle the next day trying to realign your perception of what is happy or good or bad or unhappy to find the good or the experiences to help the next day be better.

At the end of the week, grab a cup of Joe or Tea or Energy drink whatever and now go thru each day and remember the events, and the people involved in the events.  Remember the internal giggling in your head or the constant smile on your face.  On the flip side the internal cursing or such if that day presented unhappiness. Take this info to learn how to realign priorities if YOU think you need to, be nicer to people, make time for yourself.  Whatever it is you take from week filled list, its for your benefit.  Remember this is for YOU, not another way for your to look to others to tell you how YOU should "be".

They always seem to say that "The bad stuff is easier to believe"...but why is that?  Have we so conditioned ourselves that drama and unhappiness is how we show we are working through life and making a difference?  I realize in past generation "suffering" in any form was considered to be a "badge of effort or goodness or worthiness or WHATEVER" but why???  Why do we as people feel the need sometimes to wallow in the bad when we have SOOOOOO much good around us?

I have on occasions been called "bubble headed", "not very bright", ADDHD, OCD and a few things I can't even remember but you know what one thing I know I have always had or "been" is happy....I just didn't know it because I was too caught up in what others though I should be doing or not doing, how I should be feeling or not feeling or for that matter what is politically correct.  When I was younger I think I was just truly misunderstood.  My perking, bubbly, flighty, goofy personality as a kid and then a young adult was just misunderstood to instead be "lost", " with no direction", "the black sheep of the family" and you know what I believed it.  Sadly I probably took so many GREAT moments and turned them into failures because my version of great was so far of the average scale that it couldn't be anything else right????  Right??? 

I thank my fantastic hubby for helping me see my happy. It has always been there I just never bothered to took the time to truly notice it, where I buried it.  I can honestly say that I wake up each and everyday with such a happy heart and a feeling of bliss that at times it seems unfair but you know what...its not!  It's why I was put on the earth, it's why I am so "bubbly", it's why I live in Samland.  In the past I was so busy trying to "be happy" that I forgot what it really took to be happy or to appreciate the "goods & the giggles".

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that life is a bed a roses and there are never any trials because that would be BRAVO SIERRA. (BS..get it.)  Yeah sure crappy things, horrible things happen but if when those things happen we can stop think back and realize all the little giggles and heart smiles then maybe the horrible will seem a little less horrible.  Does any of this make sense to anyone but myself?

Ok, back to the Mental Challenge...

Try writing down the mental chortles, the giggles, the laughter, etc when it happens so you can look back at the end of the day, gather your new info and head bravely into the next day and then the day after that and the day after that and maybe in a few days the goods will REALLY start to outweigh the"bads" or maybe at least now the scales are more level.

IMO, It seems to me that human nature shouldn't lend itself to always being about the struggles, the "bads" and the stresses as a badge of adulthood or strength..  It should be more about the "goods" and the "goods" in our individual lives. I truly believe that people are capable of anything that they set their minds to but their minds need a path and they need to be trained just like anything else.  You can't always have the perfect workout, but when you do fail at a workout it can become the perfect workout because you learn to look at the "fail" or the "bad" in a different light and with a different attitude.   Still following my drift?  ( its late I a may be rambling who knows..I still need to teach Finn how to proof read).

So there ya have it....Your challenge.  I hope it helps you realize every single good your have in your life and how fantastic each and every one of you are AND I hope that rediscovering all these "goods" will help those times when life hands you roller skates to climb a hill because you know what???????????  If you believe in the goods, you'll be in the tuck position flying down the other side soon...that I can almost promise you!!